Autumn is Right EPISODE #1

(Creators Note: As of 07-19-12 the original video has been set to private because of a group of people couldn’t stand that this young lady was being vocal about a local suicide in near the small town this was captured in.  She didn’t know I was  filming & I enjoyed her candid comments on everything about a life.  Even her strong beliefs on suicide.  If you don’t like that then you then quietly don’t like it. Any harassment toward the individual in the video will be considered CYBER BULLYING & be reported to the FBI as a federal complaint against you!)

I shot this video on the fly of Autumn speaking candidly about life.  To my surprise is came across so warm, energetic, & passionate that I had to post it for the world to see.  Though only being a teenager she’s very intelligent & speaks like she always on a soapbox with a microphone.  If that isn’t impressive enough she started honors classes as soon as she was a freshman in high school & maintains a grade point average anywhere between 3.75 & 4.0.  I think that’s  only because she doesn’t have to apply herself as much as others but then again I said I’d probably be working for her soon than later.  Think this video may be proof of that.