Beauty Bubble

There are sometimes in life that you get thrown a curve ball especially around technology you get an amazing opportunity to meet people.  That happened for me Saturday & through out Sunday as I met a woman by the screen name Beauty Bubble.  You can follow her on twitter at which she’s not a big social media star but she could be considered a social media liaison the way she conducts herself.  After a long session on a site launched by the founder of StubHub, Jeff Fluhr, who on the about page describes it at place where he found himself on other sites but wanted to try  his own take on the ability to go live in an instant from a web cam because he found himself spending a lot of types similar to the SpreeCast model.

I wanted to take some time to write this because it speaks highly to the type of person I met.  She’s one of the ones who’s not in the spot light, in fact you’d probably never hear about her.  Yet, she’s ventured into media after a personal tragedy in her own family in which she used it to work through the pain & loss.  She doesn’t have one million views but views she does have can be counted as having enjoyed her content.  I found the time with her whimsical due to her laid back nature but yet open to everything that comes her way.  Some how I ended coming her way via SpreeCast & have found someone that may be influential in my career over the course of time.  She kept asking if I was into writing my own material, if by chance I do it’ll be published here because or via one of my blogs because  I’m always open to writing though it may not be my strong point.  Thanks for being so fun & gracious.  I hope we catch up soon & thanks  for being so spectacular!

Dr. Miller (aka Jonathan “Jonfun”)

Introducing Cassie –

This past week had the opportunity to chat with a vibrant young woman who’s quite remarkable in so many ways so I decided to give her an account on this blog as a contributor.  A to help her take over the world &  to give this media site a bit of a woman’s touch.  I hope she’s able to post from time to time so that my topics don’t always mindbogglingly bore this audience senseless.  Not to say with in about a three week time frame I might have already done so.

Welcome Cassie!  Enjoy expanding your global domination!