Autumn is Right EPISODE #1

(Creators Note: As of 07-19-12 the original video has been set to private because of a group of people couldn’t stand that this young lady was being vocal about a local suicide in near the small town this was captured in.  She didn’t know I was  filming & I enjoyed her candid comments on everything about a life.  Even her strong beliefs on suicide.  If you don’t like that then you then quietly don’t like it. Any harassment toward the individual in the video will be considered CYBER BULLYING & be reported to the FBI as a federal complaint against you!)

I shot this video on the fly of Autumn speaking candidly about life.  To my surprise is came across so warm, energetic, & passionate that I had to post it for the world to see.  Though only being a teenager she’s very intelligent & speaks like she always on a soapbox with a microphone.  If that isn’t impressive enough she started honors classes as soon as she was a freshman in high school & maintains a grade point average anywhere between 3.75 & 4.0.  I think that’s  only because she doesn’t have to apply herself as much as others but then again I said I’d probably be working for her soon than later.  Think this video may be proof of that.

Beauty Bubble

There are sometimes in life that you get thrown a curve ball especially around technology you get an amazing opportunity to meet people.  That happened for me Saturday & through out Sunday as I met a woman by the screen name Beauty Bubble.  You can follow her on twitter at which she’s not a big social media star but she could be considered a social media liaison the way she conducts herself.  After a long session on a site launched by the founder of StubHub, Jeff Fluhr, who on the about page describes it at place where he found himself on other sites but wanted to try  his own take on the ability to go live in an instant from a web cam because he found himself spending a lot of types similar to the SpreeCast model.

I wanted to take some time to write this because it speaks highly to the type of person I met.  She’s one of the ones who’s not in the spot light, in fact you’d probably never hear about her.  Yet, she’s ventured into media after a personal tragedy in her own family in which she used it to work through the pain & loss.  She doesn’t have one million views but views she does have can be counted as having enjoyed her content.  I found the time with her whimsical due to her laid back nature but yet open to everything that comes her way.  Some how I ended coming her way via SpreeCast & have found someone that may be influential in my career over the course of time.  She kept asking if I was into writing my own material, if by chance I do it’ll be published here because or via one of my blogs because  I’m always open to writing though it may not be my strong point.  Thanks for being so fun & gracious.  I hope we catch up soon & thanks  for being so spectacular!

Dr. Miller (aka Jonathan “Jonfun”)

Let’s roll! Shaun in the City — The Blog of Shaun King

Hey, I’ll be one to extend the olive branch of neighbor.  If it takes an “unfollow” for someone to learn something about the passions of person then I’m all for it.  Including this one because I’d not had time to research what Shaun King has built. is built on funding for others who need dire medical attention & don’t have the funds to have it done them self.  It brings the people of the world together.  Together to help others via donation.  I don’t make any thing that would make me rich but when I can, because of this blog & my own convictions  which I just mentioned to a man of true character with a mission.

He’s from Kentucky & below is why he’s edited his list.  I was one, I’m humbled by his actions but also it taught me something.  Yet, this is one of those times I wish I had more than 24 hours in day to work with these type of organizations.  I’m not a machine but sometimes I wish I was because I’d put in more time to all of these causes.  Not just his.  So, if I’m clutter so be it.  I’m really not upset by it even with his blog explaining his decision.  I’ll promote & his work because you can not succeed with out support of others.  I just have to do it at arms distance.

Why I Just Unfollowed You on Twitter…

by SHAUNKING on JUNE 3, 2012

Hey Friends!  If I haven’t unfollowed you Twitter I am about to.  Yep. It’s personal, but it’s not what you think 🙂

For the past 4 years I have followed back every single person that follows me on Twitter.  I started doing that back in 2008 when I followed 50 people and no such thing as Twitter Spam existed.  It made sense then.  It seemed courteous even.

Today I follow 40,000 people and I receive about 350 fake direct messages a day.  Some of them are from real users that have had their accounts hijacked and others are from spam accounts that I followed back thinking they were real.  I followed you all back because I wanted you all to be able to contact me if you needed me for anything, but since I now have to wade through 100s of fake direct messages to find your one real one, that just doesn’t make sense any more.  What ends up happening is that I now miss the very few real direct messages that I get because they get lost in the spam – with a ton of it being offensive junk that I hate seeing every day.  I’ve tried to use all types of things to filter this stuff out and none of it works.

(Update :: I just checked my direct messages for the fun of it and in the top 10 I saw the words “stank ho”, “titties”, and “nigger”.  I was about to write a joke about which one of those 3 that I don’t mind seeing but I’ll keep it to myself. 🙂

I also followed you back because I wanted to keep up with how you are doing.  Now, any random time I want to see what you all are saying on Twitter I pretty much don’t see anything real and have to wade through hundreds of profane porn accounts just to find what people I actually like (like my wife or brother) are saying.  I’ve tried Twitter lists, but they’re just too inconvenient.  For instance, I just looked at Twitter and this was the first thing I saw.

Finally, I followed you all back because we are a team.  Over the 4+ years I’ve been on Twitter we’ve changed the world together.  Almost none of the work I’ve done and that I’m known for would exist without you.    This is the case now more than ever.

That is the very reason I am unfollowing you.  I want to be able to stay in touch with you and let you know that I care about you as much as you care about me and following 40,000 people doesn’t help that anymore.

I’m not getting too big for my britches (we say that where I’m from in Kentucky :-).  I’m not acting like a celebrity.  I just wanna do what works.  Following 40,000 people doesn’t help me stay connected to you, it doesn’t help you stay connected to me, and it doesn’t help my charitable efforts – it hurts them.

So – if you want to get in touch me, email me directly.  It’s really me.  To my own detriment I check this email religiously.  That’s the best way for us to communicate and I try my best to respond to every email I can.

If you want to call or text me, call 404.461.9850.  That’s my real cell.  Feel free to put all of that in your phone.  I’ve had that number for years.  I rarely answer the phone, but I respond to texts.  If this is how you want to get in touch with me – send me a text letting me know who you are and what you want to connect about and I’ll call you back if I can, OK?

I love you all!  I hope you know that I am not unfollowing YOU but I am unfollowing @YourName so that I can follow you better!

via Shaun in the City — The Blog of Shaun King.